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Gabbys Tall Tails!!

Gabbys Tall Tails!!

Gabby is spending her sunny day barking at the neighbors dog across the fence!!


Baily sunny day!

After a long morning walk. Baily decided to bask in the beautiful sun! I would'ent blame her for sun basking!! She had a fun time on her walk...

Best Buddys Fur Life!!

Well... Baily and Gabby decided to go on their own adventure today. The girls got out of our backyard because someone left the gate open. After searching for them everywere and we were just about to check the shelters. I got a call on my phone saying that they were found. They ended up being found a mile away from our house!!.

Ivar on his walk

This was right after we ran with Ivar across the field. He was very happy after running. He did very well on his walk.

Neighborhood Dog Walking Service

Me and Ivar

This is a picture of me and Ivar.
I took Ivar for a walk today. I took him to the park down the street and ran into my friend from dog 4-H. Me and my friend ran with Ivar across the field they had at the park. We spent two whole hours at the park. Ivar had fun and when we returned Ivar back to his owner, we got to give him a treat. Ivar slobberd on us when we gave him his treat. It was a fun running into my friend from dog 4-H named Kianna. We bolth had a good time walking Ivar.

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